Whether you're thinking of bringing an Aussie into your family, wondering if you should breed your bitch,
or questioning whether or not your best friend is really show quality...
"The important thing is to not stop questioning." ~Albert Einstein

American Kennel Club


Australian Shepherd Club of America


United States Australian Shepherd Association

Very cool puppy socialization philosophy     
Magic Spirit


The loss of a pet

Annie's Healing Hearts


Cool pet stuff
Nancy DeYoung Studio

All About Aussies: The Australian Shepherd From A to Z
Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

Australian Shepherds (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
D. Caroline Coile Ph.D.

Dog & Human Behavior, Amazing Paralles and Similarities
C.W. Meisterfeld & Ernest Pecci

Dog Whisper
C.W. Meisterfeld

Psychological Dog Training
C.W. Meisterfeld

Steppin' Up to Success with Terri Arnold
Terry Arnold & Anne Paul

International Canine Semen Bank 


Genetic color patterns in the Australian Shepherds 


Genetic testing 

Sue A. Holtz~Akilah Australian Shepherds 


Freddie and Terry Richards~Ironhorse Australian Shepherds

Robin Williams~Eolahills Golden Retrievers

Partner for Success Graphic Design

KV Vet Supply

Pet Street Mall




J-B Wholesale Pet Suppies, Inc.

The Dancing Dog

Worth Watching

Worth Watching Too

Poetry in Motion

May I have this dance?